Friday, May 4, 2012


So we took a little trip on a train down South to Guangzhou. We had a lovely time and it was so nice to get out and about and see some more of China. It was Cody's first time to make it down to Guangzhou and he liked it just as much as I did the first time. It brought back sweet memories of being there last December. We left Saturday night after school (yep, we had school on a Saturday) and took a night train where we slept on bunk beds through the night and woke up in Guangzhou. Sunday, we spent the day at the zoo. It was a really great zoo. We saw many neat animals. We even got to feed the giraffes! We hung out in Guangzhou on Monday and did some good shopping and some good eating and then boarded a fast train on Tuesday afternoon just in time to begin school on Wednesday morning.  Fun was had by all!

Nehem and Cody waiting at the train station. We were running
late that night because we sat still in traffic for a long time, but
when we arrived at the station, the train was delayed! He was
looking out for us!

Nehem never misses a photo opp.. and always makes the most of it!

Finally hopped on the train and began our adventure!

We stopped to pose with the flamingos.. They were beautiful and there
were even a few little babies!

Feeding the giraffes.. so fun!

We went to an Elephant Show. 
Elephants really are amazing!

Please ignore how awful we look.. we had been on a train all night
and in the humidity all day walking through the zoo.. It's the best
we could do! :)

Koala Bears!

Kangaroos with a baby in their pouch!

The girls played dress up in a store while we shopped!
 They took the fun wherever we went!

Worn out from a full day of shopping

On the fast train home!

Thanks for your thoughts. It won't be long until we are back in Mississippi for the Summer.
We are looking forward to it and looking forward to sharing all that He has done.

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