Sunday, August 26, 2012

We're Back on the Other Side

It’s hard to believe 2 weeks ago we were boarding planes headed for the other side of the pond. The summer flew by just as fast as it came. We enjoyed sweet time visiting precious family and friends. We enjoyed seeing familiar faces and places. Saying goodbye was bittersweet; it’s not easy knowing we won’t see those familiar faces and places for quite some time, but at the same time, we were excitedly anticipating all that He has planned for us this year… looking forward to a 6 year old little girl joining us in our home, seeing our wonderful teammates, welcoming new teammates, and beginning a new school year feeling refreshed and uplifted through our time at home.

There was something about arriving back here. The places that seemed so interesting and sometimes scary were now normal and familiar. The tasks that were so daunting last year seemed to come easy. We can even cook good food, which was quite a struggle this time last year. We could quickly tell this year was going to be different than last year. We were challenged not to let last year dictate this year. So many times it is easy to let our past experiences dictate our future. We wanted to be sure not to do that and we were immediately given the opportunity to put it to the test with having to do medical checks again this year. Last year at the medical exams was the beginning of a lot anxiety and concerns about my health. We went this year clinging to the truth and promises of a good and faithful Father who told me last January that I had been healed. We were blessed when all came back clear from those exams.  While we know that this road He has led us on will not be easy, we know this year will be different from the last year because of all that He has taught us and all that He has brought us through.  He is faithful. He is trustworthy. He is my healer.

We have hit the ground sprinting. Our first day of school is September 3rd so until then we are sitting through meetings, preparing lesson plans, and making our classrooms pretty. We made a monstrous grocery trip to get us set up for a while. On Friday night, we invited Nancy’s family over for dinner and had her stay the night with us for the first time with our teammates’ daughters. We had a big time swimming until 10pm and a late night slumber party, watching Tangled. We were excited to see her really bond with us and trust us. She was quick to look for us if she lost sight of us, and would only let me hold her in the pool.  We also saw how much she has to learn about how we do things in our house in comparison to the way she is used to. We know this will not be easy with the minimum amount of language each of us has, but we are trusting Him to work all these things out and knowing that He is greater than any language barrier. When He calls us to something He never says it’ll be easy, but He does promise to walk through it with us! We are thankful for His promises, and thankful for your thoughts as we walk through this journey.