Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School

We've had an exciting last couple of days. We spent the weekend making final preparations for our first school week and in our home for Nancy's arrival. She came Sunday at 3 and we had the opportunity to celebrate her birthday with her family and the Hs before she had to say goodbye to her family. We were surprised by her reaction when they left. She excitedly jumped up and down and waved goodbye as they walked out the door... and then the door closed she went back to the puzzle she was working on before they left, and there we sat wondering, "Now, what do we do!?" We didn't have time to sit and wonder long though because it was time for our weekly PC and A tradition. We go to the Hs home every Sunday night for popcorn, cheese, and apples and a good movie (well, sometimes a good movie, we do what we can considering.) So, we headed out the door and over to the Hs and watched Mighty Ducks 2. I tried my best along the way to explain to Nancy what we would be doing and what popcorn is (I think she liked it).  We returned home and it was just about time for bed. We read an exciting story about David and Goliath and she was off to dreamland in no time! When it was time to wake up this morning, she popped out of bed with that sweet smile of hers and it wasn't long before she was standing at the front door with her backpack and shoes on telling us it was time to go! And go we did... ALL DAY LONG! First days of school are exciting, but they sure are exhausting! We had to finish testing all of our new students (around 70) to make sure they were placed in the correct English class. Here in the Middle Kingdom there is a national tv broadcast for students to watch on the first day of school so we spent half of the day watching tv. It has been a great day and we are working hard on getting into routines, setting schedules, and learning to communicate with one another. We are thankful for your thoughts as we transition into this new life for us. We are so excited about all that is store and trusting him to meet us where we are in whatever situation we find ourselves in!

The Birthday Princess

First Day of School Picture


Sitting in her desk at school!