Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lack of Better Words

So, I'll use pictures to summarize our last month...

We discovered a yummy Western-style restaurant and drank
coke out of mason jars... Just like being in the South

Above Brynn is testing students to place them into English Level

Below Cody is also testing a student before school begins

City Lights at Night

Beautiful Sunrise shot off our balcony; We are seeing many sunrises
this year because the girls have began a Zumba class at 5am three
days a week. We have really seen Him bring joy in the morning this year!

This is us at the groundbreaking ceremony of our new school building.
It was a really big deal. Many high officials were there and spoke
about our school and pledged their support of our school! It was a really
neat thing to be a part of!

All the important people cutting the red ribbon!
There were fireworks and confetti and gifts for those who attended.

Mid-Autumn Festival- These are some pictures of the traditional
foods eaten at Mid-Autumn Festival with our precious Chinese
friends in the background.


Moon Cakes- these are eaten at the festival and often given as
gifts during this time of year.

On our break we headed out for some fun, this a man singing at the
local Breakfast Street- where you can find all kinds of Wuhan
specialities. We enjoyed trying all kinds of food and walking
 through the seas of people.

Some local food

We can't escape being interviewed or getting our pictures taken.
Really, we are quite the spectacle. I don't really understand it.

We took a Limo (yeah, RIGHT!) over to the local shopping area!

We road a ferry across the river to get the other part of our city.
Our city is divided into three smaller cities.

New teammate, but old, precious friend, Ashley

We found REAL American donuts!! To say we were excited is
and understatement. We have learned to appreciate the little
things in life!

Some of the girls at the Night Market- getting ready to shop til we drop!

I always love the balloon man so I finally got a picture of him!

Happy October! We hope you all are doing well and enjoyed seeing a little glimpse of our life over the past month!

Much Love.