Wednesday, January 9, 2013

November and December Pictures

The last few months in pictures. They are out of order on dates and that makes me crazy, but it takes too much effort to change it. I tried and just couldn't do it! Sorry!

First up, Our sweet visit with Staci

Yep, this is on our couch... it's really cold here even inside... We often see our breath as we eat dinner. 
This is taken at our local favorite restaurant... "The Hot Pot" They bring out a pot with a duck and broth in it.
Then, we add in yummy vegetables. This restaurant has the best spring rolls ever!

For New Years Eve, we were invited to a symphony orchestra concert. We ate at a nice restuarant
and enjoyed an evening of pretty music.

Some of the girls all dressed up!

It was such a special evening and we were so happy to have Staci there with us.

In the background is the concert hall... it is a magnificent building.


Staci brought us these fun glasses from America, so while we were waiting on a taxi, we had fun taking pictures of us all wearing them. They kept us entertained for quite some time.

We took the ferry across the river to the other side of the city. We were able to watch a gorgeous sunrise.
Within two days, we used every form of transportation offered here in Wuhan while gallivanting around the city....
bus, a friend's personal car, taxi, ferry, and a subway

This is the Yellow Crane Tower. It is a popular tourist spot here. We have been here a couple of times during the day, but
we have never seen it lit up so that was a special treat.

Staci also brought us stuff to celebrate Baby V. We made cupcakes (some were colored pink and some blue).

Proud parents to be wearing our badges.

Decorating the Christmas tree with Nancy. We had such a fun time and she was so excited to be a part of it.

We shared a special Thanksgiving meal with friends.

A little crafting on Thanksgiving.

Kid's Night-
Thursday nights the children come to our house and we do some fun singing, dancing, playing,
we share a story from the Word and eat Pizza Hut. It is a special night for all of us each week.

Some of our students all dressed up ready for the Christmas Show (see my last post for details)

Looking like a true Who girl right there.

Here's to hoping I'll do better blogging over these next few months.

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